A Valued Life with Housing, Education, Culture, and Rest

Living in one place does not simply mean eating and sleeping. It should also take into consideration the importance of interacting with others, enjoying arts and culture with your family, and taking time out to rest. In a traditional society a long time ago, the daily routine of one’s life such as sleeping, enjoying culture and arts, resting, etc. all took place inside a single community. Yet, in an industrialized modern society where places for work, arts and culture, and rest are all divided, we now live a life similar to that of nomads, moving from one place to another depending on what purpose we seek.

Take a walk through a neatly organized paths in a community through the park, spend a meaningful evening with your family and friends at a nice restaurant, admire works of art, watch a performance with your children after school hours to ignite your senses, and freely enjoy golf, swimming, or yoga. The “community” of D’Heights Resort aims to return to a more traditional way of life. Thus, our development philosophy focuses on “New Urbanism”, a movement which has been led by Europe and the US.